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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will signatum be available on exchanges like Bittrex or Poloniex?

A: For now SIGT is being traded on cryptopia.co.nz. We have applied to be listed on Bittrex & Poloniex but due to long waiting times, we cannot give an estimated date yet.

Question: My wallet has connection issues, what can I do?

A: Windows users need to delete the peers.dat file in the following directory:

Question: Solo mining or mining pool?

A: The time for solo mining has passed, we recommend you to join a mining pool.

Question: GPU or CPU mining?

A: At this stage we definitely recommend you to use GPU’s for mining SIGT.

Question: Is there any tutorial on how to mine SIGT?

A: Yes, please visit: http://cryptovore.com/2017/07/19/how-to-mine-signatum-sigt/

Question: How to mine SIGT with Nvidia and AMD GPU’s on the same system at the same time?

A: We recommend you to use ccminer for Nvidia and sgminer for AMD Simultaneously. You need 2 batch files, one for Nvidia (pointing to ccminer) and the other for AMD (pointing to sgminer), then you may add this to the AMD batch: “–gpu-platform X” check which platform it is by chosing a number for X between 0-3.

Question: I am getting errors after a while or immediately after starting the batch file.

A: You may need to change/add some settings (intensity, etc.) to the batch file. Eventually you also have to make some adjustments (GPU/Memory speed & watt’s) on your GPU with tools like MSI Afterburner, etc.

Question: How well do most used Nvidia cards perform (hash/s) mining SIGT?

A: It depends on the miner you use. Technical stats will be collected and posted here soon, so check back.

Question: When will Proof of Work (POW) end?

A: Proof of Work will end with Block 100,000.

Question: When will Proof of Stake (POS) begin?

A: It will start with Block 98,500 (hybrid POW/POS) and it will switch to POS only with Block 100,001

Question: What is the maximum SIGT supply?

A: 137,500,000.

Question: What will be the annual return on POS?

A: 5 % per year from the total amount of SIGT you own. More details on how to get those 5% annually will follow when its time.

Question: Where can I calculate the profitability of SIGT?

A: You can check that on https://whattomine.com/coins/191-sigt-skunkhash and on http://www.crypto-economy.net/mining-profitability-calculator/

Question: Will there be Masternodes?

A: Masternodes are not foreseen yet.

Question: How do I contact the developers?

A: dev@signatum.download